Testimonials on Laminine

Some Testimonials about Laminine

Sharon O’Callaghan

Laminine for the elderly

Just to give you some updates on my elderly parents taking Laminine.

My mother who is 86 this year has had no sense of smell for quite a few years. Last week (this being her third week on the regime) – she suddenly said that she could smell some flowers that I bought her, also yesterday she said she smelled the fish and chips she was eating – amazing!!
My dad (87) who we think might have early onset dementia has also shown a great improvement and is a lot brighter and much more with it – I am sure due to the laminine.
Also all of us – my parents and me included have experienced a definite “mood lifting” – not that we were manic depressives or anything – just that we have experienced great feelings of optimism.
I am obviously purchasing some more laminine because I firmly believe that this is what is helping all of us.
Many thanks and kind regards
Sharon O’Callaghan

Crohns Disease

In 2002 I was diagnosed with crohns disease. I was 32, which is a mature age for crohns as it usually manifests itself in late teens, I had a pretty uneventful health life to date without any serious problems and was a mother to 2 young children aged 2 and 5. I had and was however sustaining an extremely stressful marriage and this was was thought to be the trigger for the disease.

Crohns is incurable and can be life changing for many sufferers, mine is a very mild case, but did cause me to be pretty much house bound for the 3 months before diagnosis. Once I had been supplied with a heavy dose of steroids, my life recovered and once I felt brave enough I stopped the steroids and embarked on finding a solution to managing my crohns without serious drugs. The most vital being diet….goodbye gluten, dairy, sugar and many fruits and veg and yes alcohol, throw in a clinical homeopath, annual colonoscopies….this kept me in remission to the extent that I probably had a gut wrenching cramps and pain about once a week and almost immediately if I faced stress. Move forward to 2006 and the start of divorce proceedings, I then succumbed to steroids again to maintain the crohns. Move forward even more to 2012 and I’m more or less medication free, but on guard and very controlled about life style and particularly diet, my gut is very shakey and fragile.

In 2013, I was yet again in a horrible personal situation and was suffering from anxiety which presented itself in stomach pains and the early symptoms of full on crohns, night sweats, sleep deprivation and anxiety itching. My daily dose of xanax, piriton and stilnoch were my medication of choice and I found myself awake most of the night and feeling like a zombie during the day.

My great friend Camilla called to tell me about Laminine, all she had to say was “trust me, try it” so I ordered it and started taking it diligently but not waiting for a miracle. Within a matter of days I felt better, brighter and my constant headache had gone. Within weeks, my sleep came back and although I didn’t sleep much longer than 5-6 hours, my sleep was constant and I felt alive in the morning. My night sweats disappeared as did my itching. Ive now been on Laminine since October 2013 and Ive been off my other meds for about 12 months. In fact Laminine is the only product I now take, I literally get out of bed to take it. When I did stop taking it for a few weeks, that classic “I feel fine, so don’t need it scenario” my night sweats came back as did my itching…I wasn’t going to wait for any other nasties so I started taking it again and I’ll never stop…2 capsules a day. I haven’t had a sniff of crohns, I even eat a little wheat, a little dairy and a little alcohol. My consultant has said that I don’t need annual check ups whilst I’m so well, which is the best news as you never get used to a colonoscopy. I truly believe that Laminine has done this, it gave me my mojo back, it gave me stability in my gut and I look forward to going to bed…to sleep.

Lucinda Miller

General Health and Balance

I was recommended Laminine by two very trusted people that I have known for several years.  I did not feel an immediate rush of energy like many of the other supplements I have tried in the past, but on day four I woke up calmer than normal and had a very happy and upbeat day.  I noticed that day that I did not have any blood sugar/energy dips and I have had none since then.  This is truly wonderful for me, as I ever since I can remember, I  have an empty feeling in my brain which stopped me from being able to focus and concentrate, almost as if something was blocking glucose/oxygen reaching my brain.  I also used to get a very tight, sore and empty feeling in my abdomen daily, probably from working too hard.  I had tried countless supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes over the last 20 years and only succeeded in stopping this feeling 60% of the time – I havn’t had this empty brain or gut feeling for over 2 months now, which is truly amazing, especially since I have been juggling work and three kids on school holidays, and life has been non-stop. I have non-stop energy, I can now wait for mealtimes (I used to eat constantly) and my gut and bladder function are working better than they have been for years.

I have remained feeling upbeat, positive and happy every day since I started on Laminine.  I have not snapped at my husband or children and nothing is phasing me.  A truly great product with good research behind it

Lucinda MillerNaturedoc Clinic
Ken Boyd


I was diagnosed as suffering from diabetes type 2 on 6th January 1996.  After a carbohydrate meal my blood sugar readings could easily spike to 21. Put as simply as possible, when the body metabolises carbohydrates it turns them into sugar. Diabetics have no way of coping with sugar because there are issues with insulin. The normal range for healthy people is 4.2 to 6.

Great excitement! Since taking Laminine over the last year I have been able to give up medicines for treating my blood sugar about 6 weeks ago. The first thing I noticed was that my blood sugar readings stopped spiking.  At 77 years old my readings now vary between 6 and 9 as a direct result of taking Laminine.

Ken BoydPetersfield, UK

Before and After Laminine

I would like to share this with you.   I tripped & fell on to a corner of a granite work top and landed on the corner of my eye socket.  It knocked me out and broke my cheek bone and top of my eye socket.

before     after

I believe this healing has taken place so quickly due to the Laminine. My reason for saying this is last July I had a boxing injury to my other eye, which broke the orbital floor of the eye socket, with much the same looking eye as my recent injury.

However the other injury was just as severe, and that injury took 3 weeks for the bruising to go down, and 4 weeks for it to be completely gone from the soft tissue.


Mental & Physical energy increase helped me back to the gym

I am pleased to report that my Laminine has arrived after the small hiccup with the delivery.  I was really beginning to miss it.  Since taking the capsules my mental and physical energy levels have increased to the point that I am now going back to the gym regularly on the long path to getting fit again.  Many thanks for introducing me to Laminine.

Camilla May

Laminine for general health

I started talking Laminine on the 12th August 2013, and for the first few days did not experience any major changes, except that I was really thirsty, and drank a lot more water than usual.

However after about 5-8 days I began to notice that my sleep pattern had changed. I was not waking up in the night, and then thinking about issues that were worrying. I was in fact sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning feeling very refreshed and up for all the days challenges ahead.

After about 10 days on the product I consciously noticed that I was far less effected by stress in my life, and felt much calmer and in control of various events that happened around that time i.e. A friend had recently died, two of my children receiving A’ level and GCSE results, and generally living with three teenagers in the ninth week of the Summer holidays!!!! I was experiencing a very itch scalp, which I knew was stress related and this completely disappeared. This really gave me confidence in the product and what effect is was having on an emotional level.

The other major delight was that I naturally lost around half a stone in weight over the first three weeks, my appetite reduced, and I stopped my longing for sweet things.

I have also noticed that the cellulite on the back of my legs has dramatically reduced.

Then in late August early September I suddenly realized that I was not reaching for my reading glassed (2:0 magnifiers) to read labels, newspapers and books, and in fact I have not used them since.

On a personal level, I have not had night flushes with my period anymore, the dark rings under my eyes are so much improved, and my skin tone is better than it has ever been, and my nails grow strong and fast.

I now generally feel very well, happy and excited about life.

Camilla MayFounder of Balance9
Jess Prentice

Laminine and Menopause

I started taking laminine in May 2013 having heard that it could help to reduce the pain and swelling in areas of injury. Suffering from long standing ligament rupture and strain to both knees and a prolapsed disc in my back, I was prepared to try anything natural I could find. After 10 days I noticed a significant improvement in my knees which was marvelous. 2 months later my back also began to improve.

What I had not expected was that my menopausal hot flushes would start to slowly reduce. I had not been informed that laminine helped with this kind of issue as the person who recommended it to me only knew of my knee injuries.

I was unlucky to start menopause reasonably early in life (46) and had suffered from at least 40 hot flushes a day and hot sweats at night for 6 years.   I had forced myself to become used to it, simply due to necessity and the refusal to take anything synthetic like HRT but it was uncomfortable and thoroughly exhausting. My skin lost elasticity and certain areas formed cellulite for the first time in my life. I had also developed uterine fibroids which I have subsequently learnt can result from high levels of estrogen in the system. And I was also diagnosed with the early stages of thinning bones (osteopenia).

After about a month I was having about 3 or 4 flushes a day and stopped sweating at night. Now, 5 months later and still taking 3 or 4 laminine a day, I find a may have one minor flush a day, maybe every 2 days, my skin and hair have improved and my energy is no longer being zapped. This has been truly life changing for me and I will return for a further bone test at the end of the year to monitor any changes.

Having subsequently done some research on this amazing product, my understanding is that laminine can help the body to rebalance the endocrine system, to lower levels of hormones that are too high and raise those that are too low and that once in balance, the body can better function at optimum levels, absorbing nutrients more efficiently and improving both quality of sleep and of energy.

Laminine is classified as a food, contains nothing synthetic and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone suffering compromises to their health and, as a result, to their lifestyle.

Jess PrenticeWest Sussex
Laminine and Dog Health

Laminine and Dog Health

Meg is a 12 year old retriever/huntaway cross.  She has always been a very active dog and I would run most days with her for up to an hour.  May 2012 we nearly put her to sleep after she became very unwell and the vet did not know what was wrong with her.  She spent 3 days on an IV drip and fluids.  Very slowly she turned a corner and gradually we began our walks again but not to the same length as before.  Two months ago I started her on Laminine and within 2 weeks her cataracts had gone, her coat had gone back to it original dark brown and was shiny and thick. She has since put on 2 kilograms of muscle.   Her pain from her arthritis was less – judging by her acting like a pup again wanting to interact and play with other dogs.

My sister has an 8 year old  chocolate Labrador who has suffered all her life with a skin disease which would often see her lose her fur and scratch constantly.  She has been on a very expensive strict diet and on and off steroids for most of this time.  Within 2 weeks of starting the Laminine she too had a remarkable result.  Coat dark and thick and she has been able to eat anything and everything with no side effects.

Laminine and Dog HealthJan, NZ