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Welcome to Balance9

Balance9 was founded in the UK by Sophie Durlacher and Camilla May in 2014. Having experienced the effects of Laminine and its impact on their life, they wanted to bring it to a wider market. They also wanted to design a website that was a clear and concise portal to Laminine, but also could give in-depth information about the product without getting bogged down in reams of information

As a company Balance9′s mission is to help you to change and attain optimum health and wellness. It does this by promoting the use of Laminine. At its source, Laminine is truly Mother Nature’s perfect supplement for mental, physical and emotional health…naturally.

If you are seeking balance and general improvement in your life and well-being, Laminine could be perfect for you.

Laminine represents the cutting edge of supplementation, moving to the next level of healthcare.  Beyond supporting our body’s needs – which is what most supplements are intended to do – Laminine can actually help recalibrate and reprogram on so many levels. Rather than being a supplement to address deficiencies, its exclusive formula is designed to take us back to efficiency, creating a new age in nutritional science. You can now buy Laminine in the UK by contacting us at our London offices.

Laminine in the Press


Grazia Article April 2015

Could a protein derived from a 9 day old chicken egg be the answer to all our skin and stress issues?…….Studies have shown that after regular use collagen levels are significantly boosted leaving skin looking and feeling plumper…..

positive health online logo

Positive Health Online Article 2016

by Clare G Harvey, who is a world expert on Flower Remedies

laminine in the daily mail

Daily Mail 2016

Devotees insist it calms, eases menopause symptoms and cures insomnia.