LifePharm Global Network has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients that are combined to create Laminine.

Since its start  in June 2011 – LifePharm Global Network (LPGN) has charted a new course in the network marketing industry and distinguished itself through leadership that is uniquely by the people and for the people. This concept – known as By You, For You – is at the heart of the company and the cornerstone on which LPGN was built.

LifePharm Global Network is in the business of enhancing lives, creating better livelihoods and leaving legacies for future generations. These positive changes…emotional, mental, physical and financial…have already been embraced by many thousands. With a life-changing, proprietary product…plus a unique and rewarding opportunity to create a better livelihood…LifePharm Global Network is enhancing the well-being and lifestyle of people around the globe.

While its business is still in its infancy, it has had a positive impact on more than 80,000 members and consumers. LPGN’s corporate headquarters is in Orange County, California and is home to over 40 employees (and growing!). LPGN is expanding and excited about what the future holds.

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