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What is Laminine?

Laminine is a unique, 100% natural, organic protein supplement.

Laminine’s key ingredient is a protein which is extracted from a nine day old fertilized avian egg. This is important because at that time the cells are at their optimum in terms of energy, information and regeneration.

The human body requires 22 essential amino acid to function at its optimum. The protein extract contains 20 of these essential amino acids, the other two are derived from a blend of plant and marine proteins, added to make Laminine complete.

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Laminine fills a crucial, missing link in the human chain of life because it contains Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability to the human body diminishes over time and essentially vanishes as we age. Our body is incapable of producing its own FGF, so it must derive it from the food supply.

Laminine, a natural supplement, is believed to be the only other known source of FGF in adults. Research credits FGF with essentially reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body, which make up its natural repair tools, to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, their mission becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body. This explains why Laminine has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people, and in varying parts of the body.

Supports and Repairs

Laminine helps revive aging cells – and nourishes unhealthy cells – and supporting restoration to a state of homeostasis, which is where the body variables are regulated so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.

Your body has its own repair mechanism, which is the physical ability to regenerate your own damaged cells. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we are younger, but slows down with age. Laminine reinvigorates and unleashes this powerful repair mechanism that exists inside all of us. Imagine your health improving, not deteriorating with time, and enjoying greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.